Cloud Native Multi Cloud Application Management Platform

Rainbond core 100% open source, Easy to use, Don't need to understand Containers and Kubernetes, Support the management of multiple Kubernetes, Provide whole lifecycle management for enterprise application.

Linux & Mac Quick Install

curl -o && bash ./

Cloud Native Platform for Easy of use and Flexibility

Easy to use

Application level operations and experiences, Let developers focus on the business itself, Don't need to understand Containers and Kubernetes.

App no modification

Via non-intrusive tech, Let traditional app be implemented without modification Service governance and auto operation and delivery, etc.

Integration Platform

One platform for DevOps, app lifecycle manage, service mesh, app market, Kubernetes multi-cluster manage and multi-tenancy, OOTD.

Rich extension features

80+ App and plugin OOTD. Via plugin and app market Extend OPS, service governance, modular development, etc.

Primary Feature

Easy to use integrated DevOps Platform

Rainbond uses an app center design philosophy, Be developer friendly, No need to learn about Containers Kubernetes, etc. Developers can control the application development and application operation and maintenance process independently. Complex system and platform manage is the responsibility of the platform admin.Compatible with various Kubernetes versions and Kubernetes tools,To fulfill their respective duties.

Kubernetes Multi cluster management

Rainbond console supports management of various Kubernetes clusters,Support application-level development and management experience,No need to write YAML.Cross-cluster deployment, installation, migration, and backup of applications through application-level abstraction.

OOTD Service Governance and Orchestration

Traditional app be deployed to Rainbond, enable app plugin to support Service Mesh.Switch the service mesh as required.Extend service management tools such as log management, performance analysis, and monitoring through component-level plugins.Support Spring Cloud and Dubbo, etc.

Enterprise Application Automation Delivery

Support the whole process management of application market, include Application building, publishing, displaying, managing, exporting, importing, etc. Publish any type of app to the App Market through app templates, And realize one-click delivery of complex applications to customer environments.

Application Model Abstraction

Via Application model Abstraction,Let developers care more about the business itself,rather than the use of the underlying complex tools.Reduce operating costs and difficulty of understanding,Make it easier for Kubernetes to land.

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