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Locust is an easy-to-use, scriptable and extensible performance testing tool.And there is a user-friendly web interface that displays test progress in real time.The load can even be changed while the test is running.It can also run without UI, making it easy to use for CI/CD testing.

Locust makes it easy to run load tests that are distributed across multiple machines.Locust is based on events (gevent), so it can support thousands of concurrent users on a single computer.In contrast to many other event-based applications, it does not use callbacks.Instead, it uses lightweight processes via gevent.Each Locust (locust) concurrently accessing the site is actually running in its own process (Greenlet).This allows users to write very expressive scenarios in Python without having to use callbacks or other mechanisms. :::

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There are many existing ServiceMesh frameworks, such as Istio, linkerd, etc.For users, in the test environment, the effect that needs to be achieved is fast and out-of-the-box.However, in the production environment, there may be requirements such as fusing and delay injection.Then a single ServiceMesh framework cannot meet the different needs of users at the same time.

In previous Rainbond versions, Rainbond supported a variety of different application governance modes. As an application-level plug-in, it implemented the switching of Istio governance modes.

This article will analyze the principle of Rainbond's implementation of the Istio governance model. :::

· 6 min read

:::info ELK is:acronym for three open source projects1 Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.However, FileBeat, which appeared later, can completely replace the data collection function of Logstash, and it is also relatively lightweight.This article will cover EFK: Elasticsearch, Filebeat and Kibana :::

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  • 统一认证和单点登录,简化账号登录过程,保护账号和密码安全,对账号进行统一管理。
  • 提供简单、标准、安全和开放的用户身份管理(IDM)、身份认证(AM)、单点登录(SSO)、资源管理和权限管理(RBAC)等.
  • 标准安全策略包括密码策略,访问策略;事后安全审计,对用户全生命周期审计、访问行为记录追溯审计、安全合规审计、安全风险预警。


  • 在开源应用商店中搜索 MaxKey,点击安装

  • 部署完成后的拓扑图。

  • maxkey-web-maxkey 是认证服务,maxkey-web-mgt 是管理服务。

    账号密码均是:admin maxkey


  • MaxKey是认证平台,可将公司内部的服务平台对接至MaxKey,进行统一登录。比如可以将公司内部的 GitLab 禅道 Jenkins 等支持单点登录协议的服务平台。
  • 本文将通过对接 禅道 实现统一登录。


  • 在开源应用商店中搜索 禅道,点击进行安装。

  • 安装完成后,访问 禅道 进行初始化设置。


  • 进入禅道后,点击 后台 > 二次开发 > 应用 > 添加应用。

    • 名称:自定义
    • 代号:maxkey
    • 免密登录:开启
    • IP:无限制


  • 进入MaxKey管理服务中,进入应用管理页,编辑 禅道项目管理,进入编辑页面。
  • 需修改:
    • 登录地址:禅道登录地址
    • 秘钥:填写上一步在禅道中添加应用时的秘钥

  • 进入 MaxKey认证服务中,点击禅道项目管理,即可跳转至禅道页面并自动登录。


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:::info Rainbond , as a cloud native application management platform, is born with a distributed gateway rbd-gateway that guides north-south network traffic.Different from the general Ingress configuration, users need to define their own domain name experience. Rainbond's gateway policy can automatically generate a domain name access policy with one click, and users can immediately access the business system deployed on Rainbond through this domain name.This user experience is very friendly in development and testing scenarios. This article explains in detail how this mechanism is implemented. :::

· 8 min read
Two years ago, Service Mesh (Service Mesh) became popular as soon as it came out. Many people think it is the final form of microservice architecture, because it can decouple business code from microservice architecture, that is, business The code does not need to be modified to implement the microservice architecture, but the decoupling is not thorough enough, and it is still inconvenient to use. Although the architecture is decoupled, the deployment has not been decoupled.
  • It is impossible to choose a suitable Service Mesh framework according to different environments or customer needs.
  • It is impossible to learn and use Service Mesh in the development environment, and enable the production environment on demand. :::

· 4 min read

Rainbond is an integrated cloud-native application management platform. It provides an "application-centric" abstraction. Users do not need to learn K8s and containers. The platform encapsulates K8s and containers inside. It greatly improves the ease of use and the convenience of installation, but how to replace the internal components of the package is a problem. This article will explain how to use Harbor to replace the original default mirror warehouse of Rainbond.