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📄️ Rolling release, grayscale release and blue-green release

Before the software goes online, it is inevitable to test the availability and reliability of the software, and it cannot be shut down for maintenance, which affects the user experience, and can be rolled back in time when a problem occurs in the new version; therefore, a complete deployment plan is required. Here, the relevant principles, ideas and implementation methods are explained for therolling release, grayscale release and blue-green releasebased on Rainbond.

📄️ Component Profile Practice

This article will introduce how to mount configuration files for components in Rainbond and share configuration files between multiple components. It is suitable for scenarios where multiple components need to use the same configuration file, which can be shared directly without editing the settings multiple times; The shared configuration file will only resolve the environment variables of the current component; the following will take MariaDB as an example to demonstrate the use of configuration files.